Adopt a canteen for children in Albania

  • Where: PUKË, ALBANIA
  • What you can do: DONATE 10 EURO A MONTH

Title of the project

Adopt a canteen for children in Albania

Place of the action

Luf, Pukë area, Albania

Description of the context

Pukë is an Albanian municipality located in the prefecture of Shkodra, in the northern part of Albania. It counts 11 069 inhabitants (2011 census data). It is essentially a mountain region with many villages located at great distances from each other. Winter is hard, spring and autumn are stiff, and summer is the only season without snow. In this context, the problems occur mainly in older homes scattered throughout the mountainous ridges, where often there is no electricity. It is not easy to get around: you can only walk or rely on buses, which run unregularly. Families are daily in search of the most basic means of subsistence and access to education or public health is difficult.
Pukë is considered the poorest region of Albania due to the scarcity of resources. Since the 1990s, the population of Pukë has greatly reduced due to emigration. Many people moved to in the plains, or in the capital Tirana or in Durres, or abroad. People who stayed in Puke were forced to do so due to the poor economic conditions: they still cope with problems related to the lack of a good education and health services.
The Sisters of Mother Teresa of Calcutta have been living in those rugged mountains of Luf area for many years.

The project

The project aims at improving the quality of life for 22 poor and marginalized children, between the ages of 6 and 12 years old, providing them a snack for school (a fruit, a bread or a fruit juice) and a hot meal. Lunch in the school canteen plays an important role both in a nutritional and educational prospective, representing an excellent opportunity for the child to acquire healthy eating habits. With the food offered in the canteen the kids can have the right amount of calories and expand their wealth, taste, and can approach themselves to new flavours not found in the menu offered in the family, because of the their limited economic possibilities. In addition to the meal, we want to create a warm and friendly environment where all children can learn to integrate and socialize with peers from different ethnic groups. After lunch, in the canteen, children will be able to do their homework till 4.00 pm.
The project is implemented in partnership with the Sisters of Mother Teresa

Achieved results

The project has been monitored in the month of September 2019 by AnlaDi volunteers who expressed their appreciation for how the canteen is run. Furtnermore, they ascertained that 22 children receive a daily snack and hot lunch in an environment where they can also study and play. In march 2020, we planned a monitoring mission: however, it has to be cancelled due to COVID 19.