Please, choose to support our projects with:

  • 30 Euro monthly to adopt a child in Kenya, Albania, Cambodia.
  • 10 Euro monthly to adopt a project in Albania, Cambodia, Eritrea, Kenya, Italy.

Bank Accounts

Poste Italiane, Bank account number 22166508 held by “Associazione ODV Annulliamo la Distanza”

Banca Etica, IBAN: IT94N0501802800000016799090

Tax benefits

ANLADI is an NGO (Non-Profit Organization of Social Utility) under DL 460/97 and donations in its favour are deductible from income taxes. The cash donations made ​​in favour of non-profit organization are deductible from income for an amount not exceeding Euro 2,065.83 to the extent of 19%. Alternatively, individuals and companies can deduct from the total income, up to 10% and up to a maximum of EUR 70,000.00, disbursements in cash or in kind paid from 17 March 2005 (Decree-Law no. 35 / 2005 converted into law no. 80/2005)

Postal slips and bank receipts made ​​in favour of ANLADI are valuable for tax purposes. It is therefore not necessary the provision of receipts by ANLADI.


We need all those who believe that their help is useful to our mission: Help children as much as possible!