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The project aims at supporting the St. Orsola Catholic Hospital in providing Paediatrics and Neonatology services through the partnership of
Health is a positive concept that values individual and social resources, as well as physical abilities.
Support to the families by sustaining local community for the purchase of food, drugs, paying the rent
The health of children is a major issue in Eritrea, as well as in other developing countries.
The project provides financial support to a child hosted at Mwangaza orphanage for his/her education.
We designed this project in order to create a valuable and legal system for refugees in opposition with the illegal
I know my rights! is the first art exhibition on children’ rights, with art works made by children
A project aimed at guaranteeing the cultural and recreational after school activities
The project aims at supporting 38 families belonging to one of the twelve villages of the community
The project aims at improving the life of 25 children and their families
The project aims at contributing to the growth of 39 children living in the orphanage of Mwangaza
The project aims at improving the quality of public health services in Eritrea by providing expertise and the provision of
The construction of a kindergarten in the village was completed with private funds. The management of the kindergarten is carried
The project aims at improving the quality of life for 22 poor and marginalized children, between the ages of 6