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Annulliamo la Distanza (Nullifying the distance): our name says it all. Those who decide to join our Association must NULLIFY THE DISTANCE in three ways: HELPING CHILDREN, BEING BRAVE AND BEING FAIR. These three requirements are common among our Volunteers and are the requirements we expect from those deciding to contribute to our activities.

HELPING CHILDREN: because our motto is “Children First” and because we think we need to build a better future starting from children. A child who suffers is a heart-breaking experience: in these past years we have witnessed too many children suffering.

BEING BRAVE: because you need to be brave to decide to sacrifice some of your time for this cause. Giving up your free time and make it available for the benefit of other people is a great virtue and we like these people.

BEING FAIR: because we would like to live in a better world without injustice, a more equitable world, and we want to do our best to contribute to this change.

If you share our principles, join us! We welcome everyone, regardless of race, sex, age, religion, political or ideological opinion.

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    Become a volunteer

    We need all those who believe that their help is useful to our mission: Help children as much as possible!