Thank you, Evi

Thank you, Evi

We want to remind you as you are in this photo,

while you are helping a child to grow, as you did with us.

Since our first meeting, twenty years ago, you have been our strength, our courage, our pride. You have been our Advisor, our Doctor, the Children’s Doctor. One day, you told us that in your career you hospitalised more than 1,100 foreign children to “your” Hospital, the Meyer Hospital of Florence, but you helped us to hospitalise many more in Eritrea and Albania.

For this and for much more, we want to thank you.

Thank you for giving us all your time, your expertise, your love. The relationship between you and Annulliamo la Distanza was special, you chose us among hundreds of associations and NGOs you encountered: this was a matter of pride for us. We will honour you Evi, we promise, we will do our best to complete the rehabilitation of the Paediatric Hospital of Asmara and to help more and more children; we know that even from up there, you will give us all your strength.

We will miss you.  Thanks for all you have done, you will always be in our heart.