SOLID-ART: Expressive arts workshop for young artists at Le Piagge

SOLID-ART: Expressive arts workshop for young artists at Le Piagge

  • For whom: 10 YOUNGSTERS
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Title of the project

SOLID-ART: Expressive arts workshop for young artists at Le Piagge

Place of the action

Florence, Italy

Description of the context

District 5 in Florence is one of the most “popular” suburbs of the city, known for difficult coexistences, tensions, social and economic hardships: since 1970, it has been subjected to major public housing projects. The characteristics of the buildings and the lack of organized social spaces has not encouraged socialization among inhabitants. In the 1990s, development interventions have been promoted and public service structures have been established. The most sensitive district (Le Piagge) shows a concentration of families, some of which of foreign origin (I and II generation), with various hardships.

The project

The project aims at encouraging the integration of children at risk of social exclusion. Specifically, the project aims at offering to young people an opportunity to:

-express themselves and their energies, in order to perceiving, objectifying and recognizing their emotions;

-work in groups, within their neighborhood, creating aggregation and sharing objectives and results; -show neighborhood residents the results of their work by increasing their sense of personal power and giving them social recognition;

-offer moments that create trust and hope in the post COVID 19 which has instead created fear and mistrust.

AnlaDi, in partnership with the association Ieri, Oggi e Domani and  Consorzio Martin Luther King wants to create a place within the Piagge district that acts simultaneously on a personal level (expression and reinforcement of individual identity), and on a social level (promotion of a different vision of the person) with the ultimate will create a network of collaboration with other local services and a process of social integration of young people who experience hardship for various reasons (economic, scholastic, social, etc.) . The artistic workshop will take place at the Centro Metropolis of the CLMK, based in via Liguria, Florence from June to August 2021 for a total of 12 meetings. An exhibition will be organized and finally, a final auction will be set up for raising funds that will ensure the sustainability of the intervention.

Achieved results

We will update you soon .