I Know my Rights

  • Where: ITALY
  • What we do: CHILDREN'S RIGHTs
  • For whom: CHILDREN
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Title of the project

I Know my Rights
Link: www.iknowmyrights.it

Place of the action


Description of the context

The first edition of Iknow my rights took place in 2014. The project was created thanks to a collaboration between Annulliamo la Distanza NGO and Tata-or the House of the Elements: about 80 children from Italy and Albania took part in this project.
From 20 to 27 November 2014, Eureka! The National Children’s Museum in Halifax (Yorkshire, UK), the most important museum dedicated to the children of the United Kingdom, hosted the first edition of the exhibition. They exhibited drawings made by children from Bergamo and orphans located in the orphanage of the city of Shkodra, Albania.
For the second edition in 2015, we decided to extend our project to children all over the world: we realized that a virtual exhibition would have been more accessible for children located in every corner of the earth.

The project

I know my rights! is the first art exhibition on children’ rights, with art works made by children. Children have different life stories,live in different parts of the world: however all children decide to participate in this project to tell adults a fundamental truth: I HAVE THE RIGHT TO BE A CHILD.
They decided to translate their rights into art, imagination, symbolic language and emotional experience. On the occasion of November 20, 2015, the World Day of the Rights of the Child, we will open our first virtual exhibition with the aim of disseminating children’ rights all over the world. Besides their rights, or the absence of their rights, there is their thinking. Who they are and where they are going.
Art, in its various forms of expression, is the best universal language. Art language is capable of incorporating imagination, thought and experience.
The emotional sphere of the young artist leaves its trail, the visitor captures the resonance and begins to vibrate following the same emotion. This is what happened. We believe that it is a beautiful language without any doubt.
Children have been involved by adults. Adults explained to children their rights, trying to refrain from any judgement whatsoever.
What is a right, where it is written, who wrote it and who promised to respect it.
From this point onwards, children are guaranteed complete freedom of expression.
The project is open to children and adolescents from all over the world up to the age of 18 years.

Achieved results

80 Italian, British, Cambodian and Albanians children attended the first virtual edition of 2015. Our objective is to get the art works from children all over the world.

In 2016, our project has been selected by the Municipality of Florence (Italy) and it became part of the cultural initiative “Le chiavi della città” . (http://www.chiavidellacitta.it/blog/progetti/i-know-my-rights-io-conosco-i-miei-diritti/)