Health & Sports in Mwangaza

  • Where: KILIFI, KENYA
  • For whom: 29 CHILDREN
  • What you can do: FREE QUOTA

Title of the project

Health & Sports in Mwangaza

Place of the action

“Mwangaza” Orphans Group, Kilifi

Description of the context

Mwangaza Orphans Group is in Kilifi, in the Kiwandani region halfway between Mombasa and Malindi. The orphanage, born in 2011, accommodates 29 children aged between 4 years old and 18 years old.

The project

The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion states that health is not the goal of living, but rather a resource for everyday life. Health is a positive concept that values individual and social resources, as well as physical abilities. Health is achieved when individuals develop and use at their best their own resources to satisfy personal and external goals. Therefore, health and sickness are not mutually exclusive conditions, but extreme ends of the same continuum.

The project starts from observation: AnlaDi volunteers, taking care of the youngsters that inhabit and grow up at the Mwangaza orphanage, noticed the need to guarantee their well-being through access to health care and to provide different educational paths that can help the children from both physical and mental point of view.

Being sport (practice è ridondante) an activity that is fundamentally playful, yet based on rules and discipline, and that uses the body as a language, it puts every child on the same level.

Moreover, sport is the ideal means for interpersonal understanding, respecting others and respecting rules, and offers a chance to socialize and confront each other. In sport there is game and there is competition, there are team goals that become individual goals, and every cultural or social aspect is left in the background.

AnlaDi and donors will finance periodic health care check-ups, emergency kit and medicines on the health care side. Sport uniforms, equipment and trips to eventual competitions will be financed on the other side.

Achieved result

Thanks to the valuable contribution of the Association Antonio and Emilio Giaffreda Onlus, in 2018-19, we managed to make important renovations and create a laboratory where we carry out our activities.