Adopt a child in Kenya

  • Where: KILIFI, KENYA
  • For whom: 27 CHILDREN
  • What you can do: SUPPORT US WITH 30€ A MONTH

Title of the project

Adopt a child in Kenya

Place of intervention

Kilifi, Kenya

Description of the context

The poverty rate in the district of Kilifi exceeds 71% of the population ( Among children under 5 years, more than one out of six are underweight ( The density of doctors is less than 1,5 % (0.14 per 1,000 people, ). Only 7.1% of the population of Kilifi has completed secondary school education (
In this context, the orphanage “Mwangaza” is located: it is a new building in the area of Kiwandani, which hosts 27 children between the ages of 4 and 18 years old.

The project

The project aims at contributing to the growth of 27 children living in the orphanage of Mwangaza. Thanks to your help, AnlaDi intends on one hand to promote access to education and medical care of these children, and on the other hand to improve their standard of living, supporting financially all the activities of the orphanage. The orphanage is managed by a Pentecostal Priest and a staff composed by 8 mamies and 2 educators.

Achieved result

Despite the particularly severe difficulties due to the pandemic emergency Covid 19, the adoption program continues for providing the necessary support, protection, care and education to the girls and boys of Mwangaza. In April 2020, the government authorities, after closing all schools to limit the spread of coronavirus, decided to send back children who were hosted in children’ homes, to their  relatives willing to welcome them. Initially Mwangaza was completely emptied but after less than a month, thanks to the great work done by our social worker and now Director Joseph, 10 girls with serious food and health deficiencies were able to return to the structure. At the same time, for those who were unable to return, our Director monitored closely their situation and food support was provided if  necessary. We need to underline that recently Police agents are sending street children to Mwangaza with very short notice and unpredictable time. In the last year , there have been several children who lived in Mwangaza for few days, weeks or months. We can assure you that every child who crosses the gate of Mwangaza receives the same welcome, care and attention.