Adopt a child in Albania

  • Where: PUKE, ALBANIA
  • What we do: SCHOOL SUPPORT
  • For whom: 25 CHILDREN
  • What you can do: DONATE 30€ A MONTH

Title of the project

Adopt a child in Albania

Place of the Action

Puke, Albania

Description of the context

The action takes place in Puke, a small town with less than 5,000 inhabitants, located in the North West of Albania, near to the border with Montenegro. Although in recent years the population of Puke has grown, Puke still remains a rural village with houses scattered among the rugged mountains of northern Albania . The winter is hard, spring and autumn are stiff; only in summer there is no snow in Puke. In this context, the problems occur mainly in older homes scattered throughout the mountainous ridges, where often there is no electricity. It is not easy to get around: you can only walk or rely on buses, which run unregularly. Families are daily in search of the most basic means of subsistence and access to education or public health is difficult. The monthly income for a teacher is around 18,250 Albanian leks (roughly 130€). A family of six persons lives with less than $ 1 a day and nearly one every two households is living on $ 2 a day. Approximately 50% of the poor people are working in the agriculture sector. The unemployment rate for young people aged between 15 and 24 is greater than 35% –– and there are less than 3 hospital beds per 1000 people.

The Project

The project aims at improving the life of 25 children and their families. Furthermore, the project aims at affecting the child mortality rate, both for mothers and children, living in the villages around Puke mountains, through the prevention of risks related to childbirth; and the care of some very common diseases with health education, as well as preventive, diagnostic and also therapeutic. Thanks to your help, AnlaDi also aims at promoting access to education and medical care for the children involved in the project and aims at improving the livelihood of their families and the health services available for the entire community.
The project is implemented in partnership with the Sisters of Mother Teresa.

Achieved results

Thanks to remote support, Annulliamo la Distanza has guaranteed support for children and their families. The sisters of Mother Teresa of Calcutta notified to AnlaDi the type of intervention to carry out, whether to distribute money directly to families or to purchase food and other commodities, based on the reliability of the head of the family.
AnlaDi also has ensured a paediatric visit a year to all Puke children thanks to the volunteerism of Italian paediatricians.