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IMG-STORIAAnnulliamo la Distanza (Anladi  for friends) was officially founded in October 1997 in Florence, and immediately started to operate in Eritrea , a small country in the Horn of Africa, one of the youngest nations in the African continent.
The first projects, which have for many years been the backbone of our work, dealt with distance adoptions and education. As early as 2003, after few years of hard work , Anladi approached Meyer Children’s Hospital of Florence and established a professional work with the Ministry of Health of Eritrea until, in October of that year,  the Meyer Hospital established a twinning program with the Pediatric Hospital, Mekane Hiwet, in Asmara.
In 2004, Annulliamo la Distanza realized the project ” Florence -Asmara Km. Zero “: the project consisted in cure Eritrean children suffering from serious diseases in Italian Hospitals. This project received numerous awards, including, in May 2006, the prize of the fair voluntary ” Civitas ” in Padua. In the same 2004 Anladi opened a new emergency department in the pediatric hospital Mekane Hiwet , thanks to funds raised privately by the association. Above the entrance of the hospital,  a plate still stands , in the Tigrinya characters , with our motto “children first”.
In 2005 the project “Adopt a House for orphans”, in favor of some Eritrean children, started .
In 2006, thanks to the collaboration of Film Directors such as Luigi Falorni and Philip Macelloni and the football player Luca Toni, a short film entitled “Intolerance Zero” against racism in football world was presented . The video was shown in many stadiums in Italy, and broadcasted by the Italian Television, RAI.

In 2007, Anladi received by the Presidency of the Italian Republic the prestigious award ” for meritorious humanitarian initiatives undertaken by the Association on behalf of children in Eritrea “. In 2008 Annulliamo la Distanza started working also in other regions of Italy: in fact Annulliamo La Distanza Lombardy and Emilia-Romagna were created.

2009 is a year of great change for Anladi. After having worked for twelve years in the highlands of Eritrea, Anladi decided to expand in the rest of the world. In July 2009, the project “Adopt a Kindergarten”  in Cambodia was founded for the construction of a kindergarten in the district of Puok.  It is  the beginning of a small internal revolution: new projects are running by 2011 in in Congo, Kenya and Albania. After more than fourteen years of passion, hard work, but also great satisfaction, we feel only at the beginning of an adventure that we hope will involve as many people as possible.

In September 2013 Annulliamo la Distanza has received from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the recognition of the status of Non Governmental Organization (NGO), a significant token of appreciation for our work on behalf of children living in developing countries. We believe this is going to be the beginning of a new long journey for our  Association.


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