06 Jun

Results of our commitment in Nepal

After three full years of work in Nepal, the activities of the project “Adopt a Village in Nepal” have been concluded. The project has been implemented in partnership with the nepalese association Apeiron from April 2016 till March 2019. The project has achieved the following results:
  • 83 poor children (36 males and 46 females) attended the elementary school: thanks to our support, they could regularly attend school with a significant school dropout decrease.
  • The school dropout rate was initially at 4.8%: after implementation of our project activities,  it fell to 0.91%.
  • 46 children attended the AnlaDi kindergarten: by attending school, toddlers could improve their autonomy and develop their personality in a global and balanced way.
  • 15 teachers attended a training course on gender equality: this helped them to create a gender sensitive environment at school.
  • 114 teens girls aged 10 to 19 attended a training course in coaching called GOAL,  whose main objective was to transmit the following values: be yourself, be responsible, stay healthy and save money.
  • 15 women obtained identity documents (passports, marriage certificates, etc.). Furthermore, more than 500 people from the community benefited of a radio jingle informing them of the importance of having their own identity documents.
  • 770 people from the community could assist to a theatre performance on gender violence.
  • 5 families received financial support as they live in extreme poverty.
  • 87 women benefited from a women center for non-violence: 87 cases were filed. 34 cases suffered gender-based violence while the rest were identified as at risk of violence. Among  34 cases, 2 cases were referred to CASA Nepal (abused women’s home) while the other cases received psychological assistance.

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