23 Mar

On the occasion of November 20, 2015, the World Day of the Rights of the Child, we will open our first virtual exhibition with the aim to disseminate children’ rights all over the world.
Besides to their rights, or beside the absence of their rights, there is their thinking. Who they are and where they are going to.
Art, in its various forms of expression, is the best universal language. Art language is capable of incorporating imagination, thought and experience.
The emotional sphere of the young artist leaves its trail, the visitor captures the resonance and begins to vibrate following the same emotion. This is what happened. We believe that it si a beautiful language without any doubt.  Some of the pages of this website are written for adults. Other pages are instead written for the young artists, the key players.
Children have been involved by adults. Adults explained to children their rights, trying to refrain from any judgments whatsoever.
What is a right, where it is written, who wrote it and who promised to respect it.
From this point onwards, children are  guaranteed complete freedom of expression.
The project is open to children and adolescents up to the age of 18 years.
If you want to get involved, you just need to ask an adult to read you the CRC and explain your rights or if you are big enough, you can read the children friendly version of the CRC.
Pick a right you particularly care of, and create your own art work. You can paint, draw or make a sculpture of your right. Then, you need to take a picture at your art work and send it to us to progettazione@annulliamoladistanza.org. Please, add a brief caption to tell us which right you chose and why; your full name, age and country; and an e-mail address to communicate with you/your parents
We invite you to visit www.iknowmyrights.it and, if you have Facebook, to put LIKE to our page dedicated to this exhibition: www.facebook.com/iknowmyrights2015  and to share it with all your contacts. We would like, in future, have art works from all the children of the world…your help is crucial!

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